Brand Concept


LATREIA [ラトレイア]


LATREIA’s inspiration comes from “Vestige of life”. Bones which are the fundamentals of shaping lives, eventually become fossils and maintains the existence even after corruption of the flesh. It seems like a mystery of time and space dwelling in life and those forms speaks to us - the distant memories. LATREIA pursuits not just superficial beauty of jewelry, but primordial meaning of jewelry under such inspiration.

"LATREIA" is a fine jewelry brand for the next generation from Japan, and is a division of the prestigious "Matsuzaki" brand which has been producing luxurious fine jewelries for over 40 years. It was the American Museum of National History where the designer Mana Matsuzaki had frequently visited while studying design in New York. There she was very much inspired by various forms of fossils and bones which later lead to the fundamental concept of "LATREIA" which gave birth during her college days. After returning to Japan, she named her brand "LATREIA" (meaning "love and respect " from the Greek bible) and made it's debut in 2006 with a strong design concept.



This line boldly emulates the fundamental design of Latreia in silver.Treatment of silver essentially requires higher-level techniques, and the pieces are carefully crafted under standards applied for fine jewelry.Men and women alike can enjoy this cool collection.

Brand Policy and Background

LATREIA は東京の自社アトリエで 45 年近く高級宝飾品を造り続けて来たmatsuzakiを母体としています。世界屈指の宝飾品見本市・9月香港ジュエリー&ジェムフェアの中でも選ばれたジュエラーのみが出展でき、最も権威ある「ファインデザインパビリオン」に2005年より例年参加しています。そのデザイン性と品質について国内は基より、世界的にも好評を得ています。

(有)美術工芸 松崎

Latreia’s umbrella organization is MATSUZAKI Inc., a fine jewelry maker that has been creating artistic jewelry for nearly 45 years in their Tokyo atelier. Tsutomu and Noriko Matsuzaki cooperated together and founded the MATSUZAKI Inc. in 1971. They are leading jewelry designers of Japan, and their works are known for high quality and elaborate designs. Since 2005, they annually join in “Fine Design Pavilion”, the most honored area in September Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair, and receive a favorable reputation from international buyers.

Matsuzaki inc.