松 崎 マ ナ

金泥作家を祖父に、宝飾作家・ジュエリーデザイナーを両親に持つ、生粋のクリエーター一家の三代目。幼い頃より宝飾品や美術品に囲まれて育つ。立教大学法学部在学中よりジュエリーメーキングを学び、同大学卒業後、KIDIパーソンズ・プロダクトデザイン科修了。2001年ニューヨークに渡米。Parsons The New School for Designプロダクトデザイン科を経て、F.I.T.ニューヨーク州立ファッション工科大学ジュエリーデザイン科卒業。在学中「ハリー・ウィンストン」デザイナーのモーリス・ガリ氏に師事。アメリカ自然史博物館で見た様々な生き物の骨格からインスピレーションを受け、「生命の痕跡」をテーマにしたオリジナルブランド「ラトレイア」を2006年に発表。

Mana Matsuzaki

Born the child of two dedicated jewelry designers, Mana was raised in a world of precious objects and exacting design. Compelled by this, her interest and aptitude for the arts began in her childhood and continues to this day.
After graduating from Tokyo's prestigious Rikkyo University she chose to pursue her love for the arts. She first studied design at the Kanazawa International Design Institute and then at New York's Parsons School of Design. Later, she received a degree in jewelry design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, studying under Prof. Maurice P. Galli, also known as a designer of Harry Winston. "LATREIA," her original line of contemporary fine jewelry, made its debut in 2006. She received The Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Prize in JJA Jewellery Design Awards 2011 organized by Japan Jewellery Association, and draws attention as one of the most up-and-coming jewelry designer in Japan.


(有)美術工芸 松崎

Our umbrella organization Matsuzaki Inc. is a fine jewelry maker that has been creating artistic jewelry for 40 years in their Tokyo atelier. Tsutomu and Noriko Matsuzaki cooperated together and founded the MATSUZAKI Inc. in 1971. They are leading jewelry designers of Japan, and their works are known for high quality and elaborate designs. That is why they are chosen by VIP customers of famous department stores. What makes the MATSUZAKI Inc. so unique is that each of the family, Tsutomu, Noriko and their daughter Mana, has his/her own characteristic collection. Sometimes they collaborate each other in designing to bring out allurement of gems. Thus the Matsuzaki, “the Designers Family”, shows infinite talents in jewelry design.
Matsuzaki Inc.